Unknown type name class, did you mean Class

| | August 11, 2015

So I tried to import aurioTouch into my app and I keep getting this error saying

"unknown type name 'class' did you mean "Class"?

My bridging header file:

#import "AudioController.h"
#import "BufferManager.h"
#import "FFTHelper.h"
#import "DCRejectionFilter.h"

I tried changing this to .mm for all these files but it doesn’t solve my issue. Anyone have any ideas why this is happening?

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  1. Rohit suvagiya on November 30, -0001 @ 12:00 AM

    To mix C++ and Objective-C you need to use the .mm extension. If, however, your class is only C++ (and only includes C/C++ headers) then you can use the normal .cpp extension.

    A source file with this extension can contain C++ code in addition to Objective-C and C code. This extension should be used only if you
    actually refer to C++ classes or features from your Objective-C code.

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