Vector images (SVG or other formats) support in libgdx or other Android framework?

| | August 8, 2015

I’m looking for a website to create games for Android. I’m interested in something that supports vector images. Do you know if libgdx supports them or is there a convenient way to use them in libgdx?

Do you know any other framework for Android which supports SVG or other vector format?

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  1. You can use this library only for android.

    Andengine (IDK if still in development) has an extension using this library

    LibGDX is not integrating this kind of feature because cannot support all platforms, just android, you can integrate this manually if your plan is Android only,

    Or make different way to load textures in the other platforms using:

    This returns enum -> Application.ApplicationType values: Android, Desktop, HeadlessDesktop, Applet, WebGL, iOS.


    NEW Fork -> AndroidSVG:, this one supports 1.2 speficication.

    Not supported at all: Animation is not supported, Filters are not supported.

  2. They support it on the c++ side here, not java I don’t believe.
    SVG support discussed here.

    Hope this will help ;)

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