View on View not visible on iOS 7

| | August 8, 2015

enter image description hereI’m developing an app where I have to show details of a post. Now, when clicked and running iOS8 and above.. The view is displayed but when running on iOS7, it is masked by the image view over it.
In the image, The Transparent view showing the price is maksed by the image on iOS7.
Please Help!!

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  1. Pasha_Molodkin on November 30, -0001 @ 12:00 AM

    Show a bit of your code.

    I was so with cells and helped me:

    cell.contentView.backgroundColor = [UIColor clearColor];
    cell.backgroundColor = [UIColor clearColor];

    Maybe try :

    self.view.backgroundColor = [UIColor clearColor];
  2. Tejas Ardeshna on November 30, -0001 @ 12:00 AM

    select uiimageview and set clipsubviews checked from property window like this

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