What is the best way to display a cut scene?

| | August 6, 2015

How do we show cutscene in the game? Currently I am using images and animation upon them to show cutscenes or story. I heard from my friend that showing a video might be one of the option too.
Is it a good option or is there any other option except those two? I’d also like to know pros and cons of each option if you can provide.

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  1. It depends what kind of cutscene you want. Some games have a comic book style cutscene where images would be the best option. Unless you’re trying to actually make a 30 fps video out of images. Then a video would be the way to go. A third option is to actually do it in game by using the character models and animating those. This gives a smooth transition (unless you want the cutscene to be higher quality). My bro said the advantage is that this is dynamic. For example if the player is holding something he will keep holding it. Unlike a video which doesn’t change.

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