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| Blog | January 17, 2013

Raspberry Pi Project Launches App Store

The success of Raspberry Pi single-board computer intentionally built as small as a credit card for teaching basic computing skills, has led its makers to surprise the market with a $35 mini Linux computer this 2013. This is made very timely for the launching of the Raspberry Pi project app store that can transform this affordable mini-pc into a multi-featured handy gadget without spending a lot of money. This one-stop-shop app store offers free downloads for subscribers for at least 23 applications. Young developers are also encouraged to join the upcoming Summer Programming Contest. They can upload their entries in the app store where previous interesting creations are also stored. Popular projects include:

  1. Magpi Radio allows twitter subscribers to listen to their tweets from different stations. It has an adjustable power and volume with matching colour-coded Magpi Radio beak. You can also re-wine earlier tweets by just ticking on the knob.
  2. KindleBerry Pi is a simple kit that you can bring along to any of your journeys. The networked kindle provides the convenience of a actual keyboard and has a multifunctional transmissions that can be used for GNU screen.
  3. BeetBox is a tuber electronic drum machine that sets its standard for vegetable-based instruments requiring six beets that are connected to capacitive sensors the sample in Raspberry Pi is being played.
  4. Solar-Powered Raspberry Pi FTP Server was developed using a conventional 3D-printed or hand assembled case which can be attached to the back of a 300mA solar panel.

Raspberry Pi Projects are designed to run on Linux operating system – a reliable OS or operating system commonly used not only by Microsoft Windows but also by high-profile IT companies and trusted social media like Google, FaceBook and Twitter. This operating system was developed by then 21 year old Linus Benedict Torvalds.   He successfully developed the system when he was 21 years old. There are already 300 kinds of Linux applications at present that compliment modern lifestyle regardless of race.

As claimed by the award-winning film director, James Cameron – he was the first one who used the Linux’s free 3D software for his blockbuster film Avatar. Linux is definitely keeping its position as the primary operating system holder among supercomputers.  Google Android for mobile features is the latest carrier of Linux OS. Furthermore, most air traffic controllers including nuclear reactor controllers, Japanese bullet trains, Toyota cars with built-in computers and the New York Stock Exchange are empowered by Linux OS as well. Overall, Linux’s efficiency coupled with the endless possibilities provided by the Raspberry Pi Project App Store will surely be a winner for the New Year!

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