Revisiting git tags and building

| Blog | February 20, 2011

A couple of years ago I posted my scripts for tagging and building. The build script doesn’t work so well for the App Stores and the Build and Archive-based submission process, so here’s anupdatedapproachthatworks inside Xcode. (Same as my last article, I’m still using git, the script, and Apple Generic Versioning (agv).)

  1. In your Xcode project, create a Shell Script target called GenGitVersion.
  2. Insert the following script in GenGitVersion’s Run Script phase, replacing the path to your git executable if need be:
    version=`$git describe`
    echo "#define GIT_VERSION $version" > InfoPlist.h
    touch Info.plist
  3. Make GenGitVersion a dependency of your main target.
  4. Add “InfoPlist.h” to your .gitignore file.
  5. In your main target’s build settings:
  1. Turn on Preprocess Info.plist File
  2. Set Info.plist Preprocessor Prefix File to InfoPlist.h
  • In your app’s Info.plist set the Bundle versions string, short to GIT_VERSION
  • Now each time you build the main target, the version will be populated in the build’s Info.plist.


    • If you tag a commit, the version returned by git describe is the tag name.
    • If the current commit isn’t tagged, you’ll get the most recent tag plus the number of additional commits and an abbreviated commit name. Here’s a 1.0b1 tag with 2 additional commits: 1.0b1-2-g3925f3b. This can be a good way to identify a private developer build.

    • You can optionally add --dirty to git describe and the version will have -dirty appended if there are uncommitted changes to your working tree.
    • git describe will fail if there are no tags in the current working tree.

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