Tips for Selling your Apps

Hundreds of apps have been successfully sold on under a variety of software license types.    Below we’ve compiled the top 10 things that successful sellers on our marketplace do to find buyers for their applications, web sites, or other assets.    If you’re in a rush just skip to the bottom to begin listing your asset or license for sale now.

Top 10 Tips to Sell Your or License Your App Business

1) Choose a short, but descriptive title for your ad.  Try to keep the title to no more that 40 characters.  This will be the first thing visible to potential buyers as well as for search engines indexing our site.  Choose something that descriptive and includes some key words that can be searched on.

2) For the description of your app business include the most important details in the first few sentences.  The first few sentences will be visible in the short view and should include the key elements of what is for sale as to entice potential buyers to click the “Details” button to take them to the full ad description.

3) Participate actively in our community!  Post comments, update your user profile, contact sellers, provide feedback for the site or users, post blog posts, view many ads and connect with as many folks as possible.  Each user will be rewarded with badges for various activities as well as generate reputation points.  This increases your status within our marketplace which makes potential buyers more likely to want to do business with you.

4) Consider upgrading your ad to “Featured” status.  Featured ads get priority and are more prominently displayed within our marketplace.

5) Sellers will contact you via the “Contact Seller” module and an email will be sent via a email address (make sure to check all folders in your email program to make sure the contact emails aren’t being filtered by your email servers).  Our contact seller module allows sellers not to have to disclose any contact information until they are ready to negotiate with serious buyers.

6) Set a reasonable price!  This is one of the most important factors that determines success with finding a buyer.  Many users don’t accurately price their app for a variety of reasons. If your app doesn’t have revenue or a user base it can be difficult to value.  Provide details that explains how you get to your valuation to help potential buyers understand the value and license type so they can make appropriate offers.

7) Publicize your listing.  Use your social media connections, post a link back to your ad on your website, send emails out to your friends, or any other method you have that can put your ad in front of as many people as possible.  It’s important to put up a “For Sale” sign up and link back to your ad to help get increased visibility.

8) Set your expectation appropriately. Most apps that are priced properly take about 30-60 days to find potential buyers.

9) Try to keep your ad near the top of marketplace listings whenever possible.  Use the “Bump This Ad” button to push your ad back to the top of the “Just Listed” ads.  Ads at the top usually get more attention than ads that are on the second or third pages.

10) If you sell your app ask the buyer to rate you so you can get more points and badges to help you increase your reputation for future purchases.  Let folks know that you are highly rated.

Get started now.  It only take about 10 minutes to list an ad:

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