Saving JSON to Core Data

| Blog | June 2, 2011

Hi, I’m new here. You may know me as @atomicbird on Twitter. Just a few days ago my book Core Data for iOS: Developing Data-Driven Applications for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch (co-written withtheexcellentTim

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Subduing CATiledLayer

| Blog | March 1, 2011

Many technologies we use as Cocoa/Cocoa Touch developers stand untouched by the faint of heart because often we simply don’t understand them and employing them can seem a daunting task. One of thosetechnologiesisfound

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Updating User Interface Controls

| Blog | October 21, 2010

Just like any good programmers we decided to bite this off the same day Apple lifted the NDA even faced with the time constraints. Needless to say the first app will be VERY simple, however it does demonstratesomestuffI

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