A Better Fullscreen Asset Viewer with QuickLook

| Blog | July 11, 2012

Since last year I’ve spent a lot of time working on iPad apps for medical device companies. These companies want to be able to display their sales materials/digital assets to potential buyers ontheiPadbecause

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Importing Data Made Easy

| Blog | May 29, 2012

Importing data is a problem that feels like it should have a library of work ready for you to use. Especially when it comes to importing data into Core Data where you have a description of your data toworkwith.What

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Unit Testing with Core Data

| Blog | May 15, 2012

Whether you subscribe to Test Driven Development (TDD) or another testing practice, when it comes automated unit testing with Core Data, things can be a little tricky. But if you keep it simple, and takethingsstepby

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Extending NSData and (not) Overriding dealloc

| Blog | February 17, 2012

A couple of weeks ago Matt Long was having a problem with an app running out of memory. He had a ginormous data file he needed to load up and process, and that memory hit was more than the app could bear.Itwouldload

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A phased approach to sandboxing

| Blog | February 5, 2012

With the March 1st start date approaching when sandboxing becomes a requirement for submissions to the Mac App Store, I’ve been considering my options.
I have 2 products, one of which was easy tosandboxandthe

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Handling incoming JSON redux

| Blog | January 11, 2012

A few months ago I wrote here about a generic approach to safely take incoming JSON and save values to Core Data object. The goals of that code were twofold:

  1. Provide a safe, generic alternative toCocoa’s-setValuesForKeysWithDictionary:for

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Parent Watching Its Child

| Blog | October 14, 2011

Recently on StackOverflow I have seen several questions regarding the desire for a parent Entity to be updated whenever an attribute within the child has changed.

There are several different ways to solvethisproblem.The

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Core Data and the Undo Manager

| Blog | October 11, 2011

Note: This is a re-print from the Mac Developer Network.

One of the nice things about developing software for OS X is all the “freebies” we get out of Cocoa. For example, when we are building a UIwithtextinput

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Importing and displaying large data sets in Core Data

| Blog | August 22, 2011

Note: This is a re-print from the Mac Developer Network.

I tend to frequent the StackOverflow website and watch for questions about Core Data. Generally if it is a question I can answer I will and ifitisa

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Conference: MacTech (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

| Blog | August 12, 2011

When: November 2-4, 2011
Where: Los Angeles, CA

Schedule and Additional Information

The speaker line up for MacTech this year is amazing. I am quite honored to be sharing the stage with such a groupofpeople.


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