The Best iPhone Applications Every Guy Should Have

| Blog | May 9, 2012

The Best iPhone Applications Every Guy Should Have

Whether women want this or not men actually remain the major movers of this world. Try to name at least one profession free from men’s participation.Inanutshell,men are definitely at the forefront and no wonder that the developers of iOS applications understand this fact and create men-only apps for the strongest half of mankind. Do you want to know what iOS apps are the best for every guy despite his profession and lifestyle? Then read the reviews of the following 5 awesome applications.

Yahoo! Sportacular – the best score checker and game alerter for all sports fans!

Distributed for free in the AppStore

While all women are considered as shopaholics, practically all men are definitely sportaholics. Every guy is interested in sports being whether a fan or a player. And that is why in a smartphone of a guy a girl can always find an app like Yahoo! Sportacular. Guys, this particular application for sports fans can easily become your favorite since it is personalized and easy to use.

Why I recommend Yahoo! Sportacular to all guys?

  • because you get a full access to the live scores of all your favorite teams and to information about all players and leagues. You can also set up a game alerter and reminders to get the latest updates on games.
  • you will receive on your iPhone the fully customizable coverage of any game from NFL, NBA, NCAA, NASCAR, MLB, etc;
  • fans of soccer and football will get a chance to watch videos from English Premiership, German Bundesliga and Spanish La Liga.

If you are a sports fan you are to install on your iPhone this highly customizable and free application.

Bump with your new friends using an iPhone!

Free distribution in the AppStore

All guys greet each other by bumping fists. To level up such greetings you can download from the AppStore the free social application – Bump. Instead of real fist bumping you will be able to “bump fists” with your online friends by sharing the contact information like phone numbers, emails and addresses as simply as the bump of a fist.

You can also use really awesome greetings provided by Bump. If your new friend in a bar has Bump installed on his iPhone either, simply gently bump your phones together to exchange your contacts from personal accounts. A great contemporary way to make friends. More than 75 million users already use this application.

Tie-a-Tie Deluxe – a personal assistant giving simple tie knots guidelines!

Price in the AppStore: $ 0.99

Even if your occupation doesn’t demand from you following strict dress-code there still will be occasions in your life when you need to wear a tie. If you are eager to find a good step-by-step guide of how to tie different types of tie-knots then you won’t a better app than Tie-a-Tie Deluxe. In addition to the demonstration of 7 various tie-knots the application will also give hints on how to choose a shirt and a tie for every life occasion. The application contains detailed photo demonstrations, descriptions of each knot and even diagrams.

This is a must-have application for every guy who doesn’t know how to tie a tie-knot but want to impress whether his employers or girlfriend.

SAS-Survival-Guide: for real men who are into extreme lifestyle!

Price in the AppStore: $ 5.99

Real men like extreme sports. Usually the extreme lifestyle brings life-threatening situations a man should face without fear in order to survive. If your life is full of dangerous situations then you can do without doubt rely on the advices given by the former SAS soldier John “Lofty” Wiseman who spent all his life surviving in the toughest fights thanks to his special training he is ready to share with everyone who will buy from the AppStore the iPhone application – SAS-Survival-Guide.

I personally like this application for 16 survival videos, a photo gallery of poisonous plants, snakes and sea creatures and a huge database of facts that may actually save your life in a difficult situation. The program also offers the First Aid course.

iBeer proves: drinking can be funny without actual drinking!

Price in the AppStore: $ 0.99

Not all applications should be useful, some of them are made for pure fun and iBeer is one of such programs. Want to drink but without getting drunk? Use iBeer –the first simulator of beer drinking! You will see that it is so hilarious to “drink” a virtual pint of beer. Simply launch the app, then choose what you want to drink (the options include different kinds of beer, milk, water, cola and juices) and tilt your iPhone imitating drinking. You will see how your booze will disappear. If you chose to drink beer via your iPhone expect a bonus burp after the entire pint will be “swallowed”.

You are free to customize this application in multiple ways and it is very addictive especially you are actually sitting in a bar with friends. Life is not just work but fun too!

I am sure that these men-only apps will find their faithful users among male readers. However, there are many good apps for men besides this top 5. I expect you will find a minute to share your opinion about the best applications for men you personally use and like.

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