Top 10 Most Popular Android Apps

| Blog | October 4, 2010

The Android platform is currently flooded with a number of apps. When you compare the Android appstore with Apple’s appstore you will find many more free apps for Google’s Android platform. This maychangeiftheAndroid platform gains more popularity, but as of today you’ll find a higher proportion of free apps with the Android platform. In a related article, Appaccelerator recently published current developer trends in terms of platform popularity. Here we come up with top ten Android apps according to popularity ratings and usage patterns by the users:

1. Twicca: This is a fast and functional app for Twitter client and its interface is quite remarkable and easy to use. Twicca can easily occupy top slot for its features as many other similar apps lacking them quite significantly. This is a free app.

2. NewsRob: This is an app most useful to get RSS/Atom feeds on the android platform. This app is priced at above $5 and also you avail an ad-supported free version too.

3. Chrome to Phone: This can be installed easily through Google Chrome extension and it is hard to ignore its fast and easy set up. Latest version Chrome can offer more productivity for you.

4. K-9 Mail:Through this app you can have all email information at one place. This app comes at free of cost.

5. AK Notepad: This is a note taking app for your Android phone. There are many benefits you can avail through this app. You can pin notes to the home screen, email notes to yourself or others and allows you to save them in TXT format. Also, you can share these txt files via Twitter, Facebook and other social networks easily.

6. Aldiko: Aldiko is book reading application and you can think it like a Kindle to android. This is a free application and interface is quite comfortable to read everything that you are interested.

7. LauncherPro: This is a home replacement app and currently available at free of cost. It features a 3D app launcher, screen switching, UI-like widgets, scrolling dock, and many more.

8. X-Scope: This is a file manager and combined with a fast browser. This can be considered as a best replacement for stock Android browser for interested individuals.

9. Juice Defender: This is an application to avail maximum battery life and the best functionality for an Android phone.

10. WiFi Analyzer: This app helps to check the reception of the Android phone and its death grip problem.

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