Top Apps on all Popular Mobile Devices

| Blog | October 5, 2010

Q3 2010 Top Apps on All Popular Mobile devices

Distimo, a mobile analytic firm has released its September report, which details the most popular mobile apps of Q3 2010. The report has come up withallthetopapps that are paid and free for the iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android, Nokia (Ovi), Palm’s WebOS and windows Phone platforms.

The list below is nothing to do with the rankings and just a look at what are the apps that are popular currently, for Q3 2010:

The Most Popular Free Applications

  • iBooks (iPad)
  • Type n’ Talk (iPhone)
  • Blackberry Messenger (Blackberry App World)
  • Pandora Radio (Google Android Market)
  • ZumZum (Nokia Ovi Store)
  • Facebook (Palm App Catalog)
  • Microsoft My Phone (Windows Marketplace for Mobile)

The Most Popular Paid Applications

  • Pages (iPad)
  • Angry Birds (iPhone)
  • BeBuzz – LED Colors and Audible Reminders (Blackberry App World)
  • Beautiful Widgets (Google Android Market)
  • ToonWarz (Nokia Ovi Store)
  • mCraig – Mobile Craigslist Browser (Palm App Catalog)
  • Meon (Windows Marketplace for Mobile)

Popularity of Games by Platform and the top publishers:


Distimo found so many astonishing factors during its study, for example, iTunes App Store for iPhone had the most number games for its users and those are 55% free and 55% paid. The next spot is occupied by the Windows market place for mobile with 23% free games and 45% paid games. Here, the next spot occupied by the iTunes App store for iPad with 25% free and 40% paid.

Games are failed to occupy the front seat with BlackBerry unlike the rest of the mobiles and BlackBerry got just 12.5% free games and 28% paid games and Palm devices got this a 33% free and 16% paid.

Top Publishers & Apps:

RIM: Research In Motion publishes four of the top ten apps including BlackBerry messenger, BlackBerry App World and apps for Twitter and facebook. The similar trend can be seen with Microsoft and palm, which are published their own apps in their stores for Facebook and twitter. BlackBerry providing IM and social networking apps at free of cost occupying four slots in the top ten lists. But, it is failed to grab a single slot in paid apps lists.

Lupis Labs Software: In this quarter Lupis Lab shared top publisher slot with Android. Its Robo Defense App is among the top ten paid and free apps. Both free and paid versions got 250,000 downloads.

The Angry Birds: This game is continuously claiming its spot in top list for a long period on many platforms and it is currently at top spot with iTunes App Store. This is second-mmost popular paid iPad app in iTunes, though it is priced high.

Polarbit, Gameloft and I-Play: These three are popular publishers for Nokia’s Ovi platform. Each is having 2-3 apps in the top ten paid app list.

Apple: ibooks ranking is continuously fluctuating between top 1 and 10 slot during July-September duration.

Netflix: This is gained popularity with iPhone, iPad, Nokia Ovi, and Windows mobile platforms. The app Netflix Queue manager ranked 4th on the free apps list for Nokia and Mobile manger for Netflix ranked 4th with Windows Mobile top ten free apps lists. It is travelled all the spots between one and ten with iPhone.

WeatherBug: This app is popular with almost all the platforms. This app occupied 8th spot of paid apps and 5th spot of free apps with Windows mobile top ten list and also occupied 2nd spot on Google Android.

Shazam Encore; It is 7th on Windows mobile and 4th on BlackBerry.

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