Top Six Trends in Mobile Computing

| Blog | October 3, 2010

Mobile computing is today taking new trends and new paths. The current top six trends in mobile computing are as follows:

1. AppStores are springing up everywhere and is the latest trend takingtheworldbystorm. Apple is very much famous for this trend and it has created a similar path for others like Microsoft, RIM, and Google. In a general way of speaking the appstore provides a platform and it is up to the developer to push and market their respective apps to make the platform they choose the best place for their apps. It is indicating a requirement to consider the development of apps through considering device and platform, but unfortunately many of the developers today are considering the device status for their apps.

2. Business applications are currently neglected to a major extent. Business applications for mobile devices should be improved and increased. The current popular Appstore is not much interested in business to business marketplace. But, creating a great space for B2B market place can create a large market for mobile computing growth.

3. Carriers always play a vital role in making an app successful. Today some of the big carriers are creating bottle necks for the smooth movement of mobile application business. For this carriers should offer their support in a way building enough infrastructure and bill for this in little increments.

4. Every app developer should remember that a mobile device is a platform and not an adjunct. A developer should come up with an app that is suitable for this smaller user interface and mobile hardware. Unfortunately some of the developers are squeezing an app that was written for a PC. New tools will emerge to help with this transition.

5. GPS based services and social networks. This location determining capabilities could result into a great threat for the privacy. New tools to protect privacy will be developed to address these issues.

6. Antivirus, firewalls, and encryption for mobile devices. Just like desktops are subject to many viruses and external threats so are mobile devices. Industries around protection of these devices will emerge quickly to address many of these security issues.

One thing is for sure, mobile computing will be one of the fastest growing industries in recent memory. It will also evolve much quicker than most other industries so keeping pace will be difficult. Along the way many opportunities will be created for people who can think and execute quickly.


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  1. Vassilios

    I think the area of anti virus for mobile devices or just general mobile security apps will grow as more and more devices come online. As potential targets keep multiplying it is only a matter a time before malicious users looking to gain access to this growing world wide network of devices will enter the market requiring app developers to come up with new methods to protect mobile computing platforms.

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