User Ratings and Badges

Top Rated UsersAt sellmyapplication the user community and staff rates other buyers or sellers. If you’ve interacted with a buyer or seller and would like to review your experience please use the “Rate User” feature to provide a rating on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best) and leave a comment that may help future buyers or sellers determine the reputation of users in our marketplace.

It is important to leave constructive and useful reviews. We reserve the right to moderate any reviews to make sure they meet our terms and conditions.

In 2013 we’ve also introduced a new system to reward users for hitting certain milestones on our site. This helps further enhance user reputation on our site and helps other users gain more information on how developers are using our marketplace and how active and successful certain developers are with the marketplace.

The badges are awarded as follows:


Users are assigned points for the following milestones

Visiting your page
Posting a comment
Reading posts or blog
Placing at least 3 ads
Obtaining a “Top Rated” status by staff that may have interacted directly with
Adding links to your social media accounts in your user profile
Leaving a good descriptions about yourself in your user profile
Selling apps
Contacting Sellers
Providing feedback for other users
Referring other users to our marketplace
Sending an email about our marketplace
Submitting a link to twitter, facebook, or linkedin

The following types of badges are assigned based on number of points the user has:

Registered User
Has Read 1 to 50 posts
Has Read 51 to 100 posts
Has Read 100+ posts
Has posted 1 to 50 comments
Has posted 51 to 100 comments
Has posted 100+ comments
100+ Points
500+ Points
1000+ Points
1-100 Points

All ratings, reviews, and badges earned will be made available on users author pages. We encourage users to fill out their profile page with as many details about you to help increase your reputation in our marketplace (and earn extra points!).


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